How to be the Worst Zumba Instructor Ever!

July 27th, 2009

(Please read “How to be the Worst Zumba Instructor” from with heavy sarcasm!)

Would you like to be the worst Zumba instructor ever? Ignore everything you learned in Zumba Basics and follow these easy instructions from and you’ll be hard to beat at being the worst!

1. Carry notes. That’s right: Carry notes while you lead your Zumba class. Hold that piece of notepaper right in your sweaty hands and check it often to see what move comes next or what song to expect.

2. Break often. Stop the music between every song. Take a drink of the Diet Coke you brought along. Breakdown every step of the choreography of the next song in your own weird way.

3. Use your iPhone as an mp3 player. The feedback from your iPhone cell phone will let us know how popular you are as your phone continually interferes with your music as you get phone calls during class. Keep your cell phone right next to the sound system speaker at all times for maximum interference.

4. Let your 4-year-old child do your Zumba choreography. Sophisticated, interesting choreography is overrated. Surely, elementary moves that would not challenge even the simplest of minds will delight the child in all of us.

5. Tell us how much you’d rather be somewhere else. You know you have better things to besides leading Zumba class – let us all know what you’d rather be doing and what a burden Zumba class is to your busy schedule. Better yet, show us by starting class late and ending class early!

Follow these real-life examples, and you’ll be the worst instructor to ever lead a Zumba, or any other, group fitness class!

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Follow Max Hodges on Twitter!

July 2nd, 2009

Hey, Max Hodges fans! You can now follow Max Hodges, the blond guy from TMZ, on Twitter!

Search for “maxlrose”. Here’s a link:

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