Want Z1 Zumba Shoes from Zumba Fitness? Get Them While You Can!

July 10th, 2010

I’m a Zumba and Zumba Gold instructor and I had the same pair of Zumba shoes for a year. At first, I was only wearing my Zumba shoes for about one hour per day, two or three times a week, and they were holding up just fine. As luck would have it, I started getting more and more classes at more and more facilities and soon I was teaching two or three times per day, four days a week! As awesome as it was, my Zumba shoes broke down quickly. I was having foot, ankle, and shin pain during and after Zumba class. It was obvious I needed a new pair of Zumba shoes and I needed them fast.

I had been wanting the new Z1 Zumba sneakers from Zumba Fitness so I went to the Zumba shop to order a pair. I searched and searched, but they were not there – the Z1 Zumba sneakers were temporarily unavailable! I needed new shoes badly, but I decided to wait a week.

A week later, I checked the Zumba shop again. No Z1 Zumba sneakers! I couldn’t wait any longer and I decided to replace my Nike Musique IV with the exact same pair.

I just checkd back and the Z1 Zumba sneaker is now available at Zumba.com.

The moral of the story: If you are thinking about trying out the Z1 Zumba sneakers from Zumba.com, do it while you can! They are insanely popular. If they are temporarily unavailable, check back regularly because they might come and go from the Zumba shop as they are in stock. Hopefully, this means new styles and colors will be available soon.

Good luck!Z1 Zumba Dance Sneakers

June Zumba Music Playlist

July 10th, 2010

It’s finally July! I love July! Here are some of my June Zumba songs. Enjoy! And enjoy July!

Zorba (Greek / Warm Up)
Zumba Fitness ZIN 24
* Warning: For the first time ever, I actually had a participant yell out, “I HATE THIS SONG!” during this warm up. I think she was referring to the choreography that gets faster and faster… Personally, I like it!

La Cucaracha (Latin Hip Hop / Warm Up)
Kumbia Kings
* Warning: This song contains the word “marijuana.”

Buttons (Pop / Warm Up)
Pussycat Dolls

Telephone (Pop / Warm Up)
Lady Gaga

Krazy (Hip Hop)
Pitbull Featuring LiL Jon

Suavemente (Merengue)
Elvis Crespo

Que Te Pica (Reggaeton)

Zu Bailaito MIX (Quebradita)
ZIN Bonus Download

La Agarro Bajando (Salsa)
Zumba Megamix 4

Boro Boro (Belly Dance)
Zumba ZIN 22

I Need to Know (Cha Cha)
Zumba Fitness ZIN Volume 25

Rain Dance (African)
The Very Best Featuring M.I.A.

Evacuate the Dance Floor (Pop)

Lean Like a Cholo (Zumba Toning / Latin Hip Hop)
Down AKA Kilo

La Negra Tomasa (Cumbia)
DJ Kane

Te Extrano (Bachata)

Body Language (Pop / Cool Down)
Jesse McCartney