List of What to Pack for the Great River Ragnar Relay

August 13th, 2012

This year will be my 5th Great River Ragnar Relay. If you are new to Ragnar or just wondering what to pack, here’s a list of my suggestions of what to pack for any Ragnar Relay.


First of all, I bring 2 bags: 1 big bag with all my things to keep in the back of the van and 1 small bag to keep things I need in the van with me.


Pack your favorite running clothes, but don’t over pack. Keep in mind you also get a very nice shirt from Ragnar in your race goodie bag.

1 or 2 Pairs – Running Shoes
3 – Running Tights or Shorts
3 – Running Tops
3 – Running Socks
4 – Comfortable Underwear
3 – Sports Bras (probably females only, like me)
1 – Long Sleeve T-shirt
1 – Light Jacket
1 – Comfortable Shoes or Sandals
1 – Comfortable Top
1 – Comfortable Pants or Shorts
1 – Baseball or Running Cap
1 – Swimsuit
1 – Towel
1 – Gym Towel
1 – Wet/Dry Bag
1 – Reflective Vest
2 – LED Lights
1 – Headlamp
1 – Sunglasses
1 – Glasses with Clear Lenses (unless you like getting bugs in your eyes while running along the water)
1 – Small Hand-held Mace (probably scaredy cats only, like me)


You might not need all of these all of the time, but hopefully someone in your van has them when you need them.

Bug Spray
Moist Body Wipes
Moist Facial Wipes
Pepto Bismol (Beware Runner’s Trots and Dehydration)
Travel-size Contact Lens Solution/Contact Case/Glasses (probably for the vision-imparied only, like me)
Travel-size Shampoo
Travel-size Conditioner
Travel-size Biodegradable Toilet Paper
Travel-size Vaseline/Body Glide
First Aid Kit
Nail Clipper
Garbage Bags
Paper Towels
Hand Sanitizer

Did I miss anything? Any suggestions on how to pack light for Ragnar? I would love to hear ideas based on your experience!