Embarrassing Zumba Instructor Moment #1 – My iPod Won’t Work!

March 21st, 2014

It was a day like any other: I set my playlist, synced my iPod, and drove to the studio. Everything was fine. Or so I thought.

At the studio, I connected my iPod nano and… nothing. No lights. No sound. Nothing.

I connected and disconnected. I pressed the Power button over and over. I checked the Hold button several times. Still nothing.

My iPod won’t work! What am I going to do!??!

green ipod nano

Fortunately, I had a regular in class who downloads a lot of the music she hears in my Zumba classes. We hooked up her phone to the audio system and went through the songs she had from my classes in order. Unfortunately, the songs with explicit lyrics were not the edited versions and the class got an earful.

What I did I learn?

1. I learned Zumba lovers are very patient and kind when faced with a Zumba instructor crisis. One of my regulars saved my a$$!

2. I learned to have a backup plan! Zstudio now keeps an extra music player full of Zumba music at the studio for emergencies.

3. I learned how to reset an iPod nano! It is easy. Just hold the Menu button and the Center button for 10 seconds. The Apple logo appeared on the screen and I was able to use my iPod again and it’s been working ever since.

I hope my embarrassing Zumba instructor moment can help you too! Feel free to share your embarrassing Zumba instructor moments and how you recovered in t the comments below!

Dual Monitors Increase Productivity by 9%

March 20th, 2009

Last night after volleyball, my teammates and I stopped off for a beer. One member of the team is a Lenovo salesman and another is a computer dork, so the conversation often drifts to computers, laptops, monitors, operating systems, proc… Zzzzzzzzzz…

Believe it or not, my ears perked up when I heard that Lenovo has a new laptop with a dual monitor that slides out of the main monitor. That sounds awesome! At my former workplace, we used dual monitors (laptop in a docking station and an additional monitor). I loved working on dual monitors and I miss working in that setup.

Here’s some research from Microsoft and VIBE on the benefits of dual monitors:

The first study revealed that the users’ productivity increased by 9 percent. Further studies showed even greater increases – at times up to 50 percent for tasks such as cutting and pasting. Mary Czerwinski, the VIBE research manager, is excited about her group’s discoveries, asking, “If you’re able to squeeze 10 percent more productivity out, do you know how much money that will save?”

One of the user studies that the VIBE group did required users to navigate through a series of doors, and then back their way out. They wanted to test the user’s ability to remember a series of actions on a small display versus a large display.

“The interesting thing is that they try to get it right. We found that memory capability is considerably improved on a big display over a small display. There’s something about engaging the peripheral vision that improves your spatial memory of what has gone on,” said Starkweather.

Read more about this study here: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/news/features/vibe.aspx