How much Zumba does it take to burn off Thanksgiving dinner?

November 27th, 2013

How many calories does Zumba burn? In my informal calculations, I have estimated that Zumba burns approximately 10 calories every 10 minutes. Now, it’s important to remember that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT so you may burn more or less than 10 calories every 10 minutes by doing Zumba.

How many calories does the average American eat during Thanksgiving dinner. Well, according to one graphic I found on the internet (see below), someone estimated 1330 calories in an typical Thanksgiving dinner.  That’s over half the amount of calories that average American female is advised to consume in an entire day. If it is true that Thanksgiving dinner consists of 1330 calories, it would take 133 minutes or 2 hours and 13 minutes of Zumba to burn off Thanksgiving dinner.

What’s the point? Choose what you eat wisely! Many Zumba studios, like Zstudio in Duluth, Minnesota for example, offer after Thankgiving “Turkey Burn” Zumba classes which is an extra long Zumba class offered to help you maintain your weight through extra calories of the holidays. Check with your favorite local studio to find out if they offer an after Thanksgiving Turkey Burn Zumba class.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Heart Rate Monitor for Zumba

May 9th, 2010

Enough guessing. I’m buying a heart rate monitor for Zumba.

I’m a Zumba instructor and I track my diet and exercise through a free online fitness diary called hotcal. Until now, I’ve been using the cardio exercise entry “Dancing, aerobic, ballet or modern, twist” to track Zumba. According to my height, weight, age, and sex; I should burn about 272 calories in one 50-minute Zumba class.

As an instructor, I exaggerate all of my movements and give 100% during each song of each class. After Zumba classes, I am drenched from head to toe in sweat. I don’t think 272 is an accurate measure of the calories I burn in a typical Zumba class. That is why I’ve decided to buy a heart rate monitor.

After a little research, I’ve settled on the Polar FT60 heart rate monitor. This hr monitor comes with the fabric chest band with the snap on/snap off electronic brain. The fabric band was important because I’ve used hr monitors with the plastic band with the built in electronics. It was very uncomfortable and I can’t image doing Zumba while wearing a hard plastic band around my rib cage. As I mentioned, Zumba makes me sweat hardcore. I need equipment that I can rinse or it will be ruined in no time.

The FT60 is not cheap, but I am also a long distance runner and biker. I don’t need a foot pod or gps capability now, but these are optional add-ons to the FT60. I would not like to buy another heart rate monitor any time soon, but I may want to accessorize later.

The other nice thing about the women’s FT60 is that it is attractive. The band is magenta and the face is white and silver with decorations on the face. If I have to wear this thing daily, I might as well like the way it looks.

Stay tuned as I try out my heart rate monitor for Zumba.Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor