I Finally Bought Ryka Athletic Shoes for Zumba

August 23rd, 2014

I did it. I finally bought a pair of Ryka studio athletic shoes for Zumba.

Although I’ve know for awhile that Ryka is a leader in studio or group fitness classes, but I hesitated to buy a pair of Ryka’s for awhile. Ryka athletic shoes are not the most attractive sneakers and it’s important for me to feel at least somewhat attractive while I do Zumba. Another reason I hesitated is that Ryka frequently changes offerings, and a couple of times, they stopped manufacturing a line of shoes before I had a chance to buy a pair.

But tonight, I had a weak moment while shopping at DSW and I tried on a pair of black, blue, and pink Ryka Flextra. They fit true to size – I wear 6.5, I tried 6.5, and they fit like 6.5. They advertize they have a “re-zorb” system to absorb shock in high-impact group fitness classes. (My aching Achilles tendonitis will be happy about that.) The soles are built for movement in all directions including lateral movements, unlike the forward only movement that running shoes are designed for. The soles also have the circle at the ball of the foot for pivoting and turning. They were $59.99 at DSW.

I’ll try them out while teaching Zumba tomorrow. I’ll write a post to review my new Ryka Flextra for Zumba soon! In the meantime, you can read more about Ryka athletic shoes for Zumba here:

Kelly Ripa Collection Ryka Transition Shoes for Zumba

Best Ryka Zumba Shoes

ryka flextra 1ryka flextra 2

Zumba Fitness Shoe Sale – 30% off (While They Last)

August 22nd, 2014

Alert! I just received an email that all styles of Zumba shoes by Zumba Fitness are 30% off while supplies last.

If you are familiar with Zumba shoes by Zumba Fitness, you know these shoes go fast!

Get them while you can! Also, there is free shipping on orders over $49 and free returns so you can’t go wrong!

Zumba Fitness Shoe Sale 8_22_2014

Bloch Dance Sneakers for Zumba

January 7th, 2012

I see a lot of Bloch dance sneakers like the Bloch Trinity, Bloch Twist, and Bloch Wave in my Zumba classes.

Bloch Dance Sneaker for Zumba

The nice thing about Bloch dance sneakers is that they are available for women AND men. Bloch sneakers are affordable and easy to find and buy online.

If you’re considering buying Bloch dance sneakers for Zumba, please keep in mind that Bloch sneakers are designed primarily for dancing – not high-impact group fitness classes like Zumba. Bloch sneakers might work for Zumba for light people with strong, healthy feet or low-impact Zumba like Zumba Gold or Curves Zumba in the Circuit. Some people might think their feet are strong and healthy until they experience arch pain due to the lack of support.

Split sole dance sneakers are designed for flexibility and precision, such as pointing ones toes during a dance performance. Bloch sneakers with a split sole do not offer the arch support necessary for the jumping, pounding, and stomping choreography in many Zumba classes, especially for those people with more body weight to absorb.

Pumas for Zumba

September 16th, 2011

Finding the right shoes for Zumba is very difficult. You need the support of an athletic shoe with the sole of a dance shoe.

Puma athletic shoes look like a dance shoe, right? They are narrow, light-weight, and have the tell-tale circle on the sole that indicates a sole that will allow turning and sliding. Unfortunately, Pumas are not a good choice for Zumba. They lack the necessary shock absorption needed for the high-impact moves of a Zumba class. Look at the sole of a Puma sneaker – it’s very thin. There is almost no rubber or cushion to help distribute the shock from impact with the floor.

One of my Zumba participants bought a pair of suede Pumas for Zumba class. She was excited about finding Pumas for Zumba because they were inexpensive and seemed to move on the studio floor like she had hoped they would. She was coming to my class at least twice a week. She was always in the front row and was nearly 6 feet tall – you couldn’t miss her.

Suddenly she disappeared from class. She had developed shin splints from the impact of Zumba while wearing her new non-supportive Puma sneakers to several Zumba classes per week. Mayo Clinic defines shin splints as follows:

Medically known as medial tibial stress syndrome, shin splints occur during physical activity and result from too much force being placed on your shinbone and connective tissues that attach your muscles to the bone.

My participant’s shins splints were so bad there was visible bruising near her swollen ankles. She had to go to the doctor and could not participate in Zumba for six weeks. the doctor told her if she continued to do Zumba, the impact could give her stress fractures in her tibia bones. At the end of six weeks, she had to start with one Zumba class per week and she could not do any jumping – doctor’s orders.

The moral of the story, don’t wear unsupportive sneakers, like Pumas, for Zumba.


Best Nike Zumba Shoes

March 10th, 2011

I have been doing Zumba for 2 years and I have been a Zumba instructor for 1.5 years. I have gone through several pairs of athletic dance shoes for Zumba, and I am partial to Nike.

Nike Musique
I have seen Nike Musique III, IV, VI, VII available, but my first four pairs of Zumba shoes were Nike Musique IV. I really liked the Nike Musique IV because the shoe was leather and mesh. Athletic dance shoes fit very tight. For me, the tightness was uncomfortable at first, but I found the mesh in Nike Musique IV shoes molded to my foot, and eventually the shoes fit like a glove.

I bought my first pair of Nike Musique IV on clearance at a Famous Footwear. I bought all my other pairs of Nike Musique IV from Zappos. Nike Musique can cost anywhere from $30 to $65.

The heel of Nike Musique is very well-cushioned. The ball and forefoot of the Nike Musique is not very well-cushioned. I am not a doctor, but if you are going to do a lot of Zumba or a lot of high impact Zumba, I recommend metatarsal pads for your Nike Musique.


Nike Hurache
Lately, all models of Nike Musique athletic dance shoes are getting harder to find. I have been unable to find the model with leather and mesh so this time, I bought Nike Huarache dance shoes.

Nike Huarache shoes are very different than Nike Musique shoes. Online, I thought these shoes looked bulky like a street/skater shoe, but Nike Huarache are not at all bulky. The sole is narrow, like Nike Musique, and has the tell-tale circle for easier turns. The shoe upper is mostly a sleek fabric, like a water shoe. The laces are almost unnecessary because these shoes fit like a sock. They are tight and I find them very supportive.

I bought my Nike Huarache from Zappos for $65.

Unlike Nike Musique, the ball and forefoot are well-cushion in the Nike Huarache, but the heel is not well-cushioned. I find the heel very narrow and the soft upper allows a lot of movement during Zumba moves like a heel tap. Only time will tell if the Nike Huarache will be as successful as the Nike Musique for Zumba.

Nike Huarache Dance Shoes

Best Zumba Shoes

May 19th, 2009

While I search for the best shoes for Zumba, I do not recommend turf shoes or wrestling shoes for participating in Zumba or other aerobic dance classes.

One of the main gripes I hear from Zumba enthusiasts is that their regular gym shoes stick to the floor during class. Sticky shoes during Zumba can cause blisters or foot, ankle, or knee pain or injury.

While turf shoes are designed to allow you to comfortably train on a variety of surfaces, they probably still provide too much traction for Zumba or other ballroom or hip hop dance classes. On the bright side, turf shoes do feature a more narrow footprint – more like cross-training shoes and less like running shoes.

A better bet might be a wrestling shoe. While wrestling shoes are light and flexible, most wrestling shoes will only be available in mens’ or boys’ sizes and are only available in a high-top style. Wrestling shoes are not designed for impact and therefore do not provide a lot of arch support or sole cushion.

My recommendation is stick to athletic shoes designed specifically for dance or aerobics. If you’re not sure that a certain style is a dance shoe or aerobics shoe, look for a circle on the sole of the shoe at the ball of the foot. Not all dance shoes or aerobics shoes will have it, but it is a good way to tell if the shoe is going to allow you to turn on the ball of your foot or if you will stick to the floor instead.

If you can’t afford to buy athletic shoes just for Zumba, wear last year’s gym shoes. Be sure the traction on the sole has worn down on the ball of foot, but be sure the shoe can still provide cushion and support.

Also see my “Sticky Shoes During Zumba” and “Good Dance Shoes for Zumba” and “Where to Buy Dance Shoes” posts or check out my “Recently Written” posts about Zumba shoes to the right at Rencsi.com.