Zumba Fitness Shoe Sale – 30% off (While They Last)

August 22nd, 2014

Alert! I just received an email that all styles of Zumba shoes by Zumba Fitness are 30% off while supplies last.

If you are familiar with Zumba shoes by Zumba Fitness, you know these shoes go fast!

Get them while you can! Also, there is free shipping on orders over $49 and free returns so you can’t go wrong!

Zumba Fitness Shoe Sale 8_22_2014

Zumba’s Beto Perez on the Cover of May 2012 Men’s Fitness Magazine

April 1st, 2012

Zumba creator Beto Perez is on the May 2012 cover of Men’s Fitness magazine. The magazine describes him as “a true ladies’ man” and encourages guys to take note: Beto is super fit and women love him.

So what will it take to get more men to try Zumba???

Zumba Beto Mens Fitness Cover

Z-Kickz LOVE Limited-Edition Zumba Shoes

February 6th, 2012

New limited-edition Z-Kickz athletic dance shoes are now available from Zumba! Introducing the Love Edition, just in time for Valentine’s Day:

Zumba Z Kickz Love Edition

Zumba Carpet Gliders From Zumba Fitness

August 23rd, 2011

Zumba on carpet is not ideal, but now with Zumba in the Circuit classes at Curves facilities, Zumba classes on carpet is becoming more and more common. Zumba with typical athletic shoes on carpet can cause knee pain and other joint problems due to the gripping soles sticking to the carpet during Zumba twists and turns.

Zumba has a branded solution for you: Zumba Carpet Sliders. According to the Zumba shop description:

Don’t get stuck on the carpet floor. Zumba® Carpet Gliders allows you to step, shake, swivel and spin on carpet with ease and reduced risk of injury.

The reviews are mixed. You may want to buy a pair for $15 to use as a pattern to make your own improved slip-on carpet gliders.

Zumba Carpet Gliders

Want Z1 Zumba Shoes from Zumba Fitness? Get Them While You Can!

July 10th, 2010

I’m a Zumba and Zumba Gold instructor and I had the same pair of Zumba shoes for a year. At first, I was only wearing my Zumba shoes for about one hour per day, two or three times a week, and they were holding up just fine. As luck would have it, I started getting more and more classes at more and more facilities and soon I was teaching two or three times per day, four days a week! As awesome as it was, my Zumba shoes broke down quickly. I was having foot, ankle, and shin pain during and after Zumba class. It was obvious I needed a new pair of Zumba shoes and I needed them fast.

I had been wanting the new Z1 Zumba sneakers from Zumba Fitness so I went to the Zumba shop to order a pair. I searched and searched, but they were not there – the Z1 Zumba sneakers were temporarily unavailable! I needed new shoes badly, but I decided to wait a week.

A week later, I checked the Zumba shop again. No Z1 Zumba sneakers! I couldn’t wait any longer and I decided to replace my Nike Musique IV with the exact same pair.

I just checkd back and the Z1 Zumba sneaker is now available at Zumba.com.

The moral of the story: If you are thinking about trying out the Z1 Zumba sneakers from Zumba.com, do it while you can! They are insanely popular. If they are temporarily unavailable, check back regularly because they might come and go from the Zumba shop as they are in stock. Hopefully, this means new styles and colors will be available soon.

Good luck!Z1 Zumba Dance Sneakers